Monday, January 17, 2011

How to defeat Jabba the Laundry Hutt

Today I got a chance to go back to a Zumba class, and OH what a difference it has made! The days that I am able to go to Zumba I really notice a difference in my energy level and in my attitude! More energy, better attitude, just generally feeling better than the day-to-day dullness that hits this time of year. Have you checked out a Zumba class yet? If not, I totally recommend it, and no one has paid me to say that (although if someone wants to pay me to say that, my terms are negotiable!) Zumba class is fantastic for those of us who love to dance, but don't like to "work out" so much. It's a great cardio dance workout, lots of Latin and urban music and steps, and just plain fun. And if you know me, you KNOW that "fun" is not a word I would usually use when referring to exercise!

With all this energy today I actually tackled and defeated ALL of the laundry monsters that have been lurking in my house. I had laundry in all stages that needed to be knocked out - washed, hand washed, dried, folded, put away... I even defeated the Jabba the Laundry Hutt that had parked itself on my couch - do you get those at your house, too? We get them quite often; just a huge mound of laundry sitting on your couch, looking like Jabba the Hutt as it stares you down all day, just daring you to take him on. Well, I did it, and I won! He is gone, for a few days at least.

I also packed up some donations that we need to take to Goodwill, got the slow cooker going for dinner ("Pizza in a Pot" - sounds yummy, hope it's good), read a chapter for my "Beautiful Womanhood" group which meets Thursday (I am ahead of the game, not cramming in the reading late Wednesday night!), and of course I showered. Building up all that energy and stamina during Zumba class can really make a lady not smell like such a lady. :)

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  1. Jabba the Laundry Hutt- LOVE it. I try to keep him in the utility room, but it doesn't always work. In fact, I think he's lurking in my studio...