Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm just here for a good time

Apparently, I needed some time off from this blog. Summer, fall, and a little bit of winter, to be exact. I just never got into the habit of writing regularly, and once I missed a few posts it was so hard to get back into it. And it got harder the longer I went. I kept thinking things like "Ok, I haven't posted in a month, so my first one back has to be spectacular!" But nothing spectacular came to mind. I took photos that I thought would be great for the blog, and when we would do somehting fun I would think, "Oh, I have to blog this!" But still nothing. Maybe some of those photos and ideas will make it up on here someday.

So now, I've just told myself "Screw it - get over yourself! Just write something to make yourself feel good!" I was definitely expecting too much of myself. I am one of those people who doesn't like to do something unless I am SURE I will do it well and succeed (annoying, I know). But not every piece has to be a piece of Pulitzer-worthy writing; not every piece has to have some life-changing bit of advice... none of them do, actually. I was expecting to be Martha Stewart, when really this blog is just for me. No offense to anyone who might actually read this, but I only had a handful of readers when I was posting regularly, so now that I've taken such a huge break, I would guess that no one will read this anyway. So it's all for me. I don't need to be a maven of household goodness, or a Mary Poppins of child rearing. I'm just me. A regular mom making the most of a life scarce with money, but overflowing with love and creativity. I don't have all the answers, I don't have it all together, and I don't want to pretend that I do. I want this blog to be more of a haven where I share our life: the good, the bad, the everything.

So, there you have it, in all this rambling mess. I'm back, my expectations of myself have been lowered, and honestly - I'm just here for a good time.

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