Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jump up, Jump up and ... Don't Get Down? REALLY!?!

Yesterday we met some friends at Pump it Up Jr for some playtime and Mommy chit chat. We were strong in the playtime area, a little weak in the Mommy chit chat, as we were both being beckoned to slide and climb with the kiddos instead :) We had a fantastic time, and are hoping to get together again soon - hopefully for more of the chit chat part while the kiddos entertain themselves a bit more!

So this was Coley's first time at Pump it Up Jr as a bona fide jumper, and I made sure to take a camera to get some pics. She started out a little timid, preferring to toodle around in the little bumper cars, but she eventually warmed up, as I knew she would. Then I couldn't keep her off the big slide!

The cutest part of the whole day: When Logan and Coley were in the Bounce House together, another little boy came in. Right away Logan walked right up to him and said "Excuse me, but you have to be careful because my little sister is in here." Such a good big brother, watching out for his little sister!!

After 2 hours of bouncing, I just KNEW that both kids would be worn out and that I would have NO PROBLEM getting Coley down for her nap. Well, I was right on one count. Both kids were exhausted. But it took Coley about an HOUR to settle down for sleep once I put her in her crib! And an exhausted, stubborn little girl who needs sleep but refuses to admit it... yeah, you all know how that goes. Finally after an hour she quieted down, stopped the shrieking and screaming, and fell asleep... only to awaken about an hour later. An hour?!? REALLY!?!? So we had some very tired kiddos, prone to crankiness and clinging to Mommy all evening. All in all, though, I'd say well worth it for some fun time with friends and Coley's first jumping extravaganza!

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